Last year I applied for the Software Engineering Intern position at Mozilla. It was good feeling. So without chit-chatting more here you go read along :

Dear Mozilla Team,

I believe its exciting to be around Mozilla, it gives you like a superpower simliar to the process of coding which is amazingly fun because you have an Epic win at the end of the day. One thing I learned from my own projects is that all it takes to solve problems and make lives easier is just writing code and shipping it out for people to use.

I am a FOSS fan, though I have never contributed to any FOSS project yet but I proudly boast one thing, "The web is my Alma Mater." And there couldn't be a better way to pay tribute to the web than to contribute to mozilla which is a pioneer in creating the free web today. Not long ago I read a blog post from Ryan Seys [1] who was a WebRTC intern at mozilla past summer, and I was fascinated, simply mesmerized by his wonderful experience at Mozilla. After reading it I feel at Mozilla, everyone gets their 'Eureka' moment everyday.


To be with & around so many amazing and smart people who want to change the world, makes one turn from insignificant to extraordinary. I think that blog post just struck a note in me that this is it, the perfect opportunity to be a part of mozilla and have a life-changing experience. Coz Mozilla does have the ability to actually make more of an impact on people and more of a change in one year than many people do in their lifetimes.

The Web Development Internship program would involve an ambitious task of moving fast and scaling with a small, smart team and turning perspectives using all the different technologies into wonderful real products while relating productivity with imagination.

The best of it, its said, the most important things are challenging and as an intern there will be lot of work involved and maybe some work that I don't know how to do but I am willing to learn.

Being a Web Development Intern requires both backend and frontend skills in order to build a project from the ground up. I am fairly proficient in developing python/django based applications and have elegant Javascript/jQuery, HTML5 and CSS skills too. I also have a good understanding of HTTP, REST and two of my current personal projects are python/django based web CMS applications. Thus, I think the web development intern position is best suited for me and I possibly can learn much more from it and also get to know how the web works.

At Mozilla I will be able to experience the best and learn something new everyday. And to learn something new everyday is the greatest part of being an engineer.

I therefore look forward to being an intern at Mozilla.

So this is it.


However, I got the rejection letter after 3 months. While one of my friend got within 2 weeks. So guess I made it to the semi-finals just not the finals. Perhaps it was for the better. It has given me time to focus and code more.

But the year 2014 is mine! Already cracked GSoC 2014.

Mozilla Software Engineering Intern is next :)